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CAD-Sourcing, LLC was formed with the vision of providing high quality outsourcing of CAD drafting services at an affordable rate without all the hassle usually associated with CAD outsourcing.  We provide CAD drafting and BIM modeling with Autocad, Revit, Solidworks, Inventor, Sketchup and other softwares for a variety of clients.  Through a combination of efficient business processes and our global network of drafting offices, we are able to provide CAD services at a fraction of conventional rates.

What separates CAD-Sourcing, LLC from others is our local presence in the US.  CAD-Sourcing, LLC was founded by a licensed Civil Engineer in the United States who understands the needs of our clients.  Do not worry about the usual complaints of late night conference calls, language barriers or cultural awkwardness.  We handle your business in the US and coordinate your work with our associates around the world.

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